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A hotel owner opposed to Indiana’s discrimination law has pledged to provide free rooms to 100 homeless LGBT youth if we can raise $100,000 online to pay for taxes and maintenance. We’re excited to announce US Uncut has partnered with Equality House to launch our first-ever fundraiser to help.  If you remember, Equality House are the bad asses who earned national media for buying a house across from the Westboro Baptist Church and painting it rainbow. They have already raised $50,000 and they’re asking us to help them cross the finish line. We are kindly asking our fans to DONATE NOW and SHARE this post. For a fraction of the money they raised for hate, you can literally change the lives of hundreds of our LGBTQ family facing homelessness. Let’s show the world that together, we can affect true positive change for a very worthy cause.  You can help homeless LGBTQ youth here:


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